Monday, June 25, 2018

A Mon Seul Désir Behind this door lives The Lady, I met her years ago in Paris and she has mever left my heart since.  Every visit to Paris- and I do obsess over when I can get there again....hopelessly addicted, she is my first visit. I love sitting in her presence, the gentle light, the rich shades, the wonderous imagery. I love her story.... No real story only conjectures, she has inspired stories, poems, musings and academic studies. What a life she leads.  Obviously started off in luxury somewhere....not quite sure where, exactly... life lead her through some lows, perhaps even the mud of a pig pen but then again maybe that is another story,  She came to her present home through the love of a collector and has been accorded pride of place ever since. Sitting with her, I wonder what her story is, I let Tracy Chevaliers novel run through my mind.... She is ready for more to weave around her. #creativeartssafaris #wanderandwonder #storiestotell #culturaltourism #travelwithlove #travelwriting #experientialtravel

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