Thursday, June 28, 2018

Hand built Ships Our little secret is Mandvi. From our place we can take a comfortable overnight sleeper train and arrive in Bhuj the next morning. We have many mates in Bhuj who do the most subline textile thingys, so we usually have a night in Bhuj to catch up with people and then head out to the coast at Mandvi and stay in the most amazing, or perhaps bizarre hotel overlooking the river mouth where they build ships. We have a Gujarat Tour coming up in November so are using that as an excuse to escape next week- got to check a few details. Wink, wink. I love our little hotel, from the outside it looks like something inspired by Lego world- bright red, blue and yellow siding, you head upstairs and it is thoroughly adorned with artificial flowers. Yep every surface has a vase or 2. Now these are very special, lovingly tended artificial flowers, colours always bright and not a skerrick of dust to be found. Unsurprisingly, or so it seems to me the Suite room we have on the top floor wreaks of 70's revival- synthetic velvet, gaudy blinds, a lounge suite like no other and beautiful windows on 2 walls looking out over the ships and river mouth, sometimes there are flamingos in the water [I said 70's revival but these are real, not artificial]. It is the most pleasurably, relaxing spot to escape to for a few days- sea breezes in the window, I can lie on bed and read and watch flamingos, my love can watch TV This is our little escape- I am not sure everyone would be so entranced,... when we have tour groups we hang out at the Camp at the Royal Palace- right on the beach and remote and peaceful for India. It is also has the lovely flavour that is Mandvi. #creativeartssafaris #storiestotell #travelwriting #textiletravels #textilestories #gujarat #handcraftedboats #crafttours #textiletours #traveltolearn #travelwithlove #experientialtravel #handsonexperiences #wanderandwonder #culturaltourism #learningholidays #traveldeeper #littlevignettes #visitthevillage #offthebeatentrack #inspiredtravels # travelwithus

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