Thursday, June 21, 2018

Planning a new tour is little like wandering the Labyrinth in Lucknow... you know it is there somewhere but have to poke around until you find the light shining on the various views you want to incorporate. Great response to a mere newsletter mention of the idea "From Chikankari to Enlightenment " So a new Indian Tour is being brought to light. Bones so far Delhi and then off to Agra. Onto Lucknow famous for its maze and chikankari and biryani... Varanasi... Holy and sssooo busy and bright...Bodhgaya and Buddha's Enlightenment .... finishing up in Patna and our wonderful friend Sanju and her sujani embroidery. Lots tucked in along the way but you'll have to wait to hear. Excited Plots and plans #creativeartssafaris #wanderandwonder #fromchikankaritoenlightenment #crafttours #culturaltourism #textiletravels

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