Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Craft Espionage- who would have thought it? Ghana is such an interesting place. It bustles with energy. People work and work hard to make a life..., they approach the future with hope and are trying to make their country a better place. Successful, peaceful elections a few years back had everyone patting themselves on the back, no matter which candidate won. It is interesting talking to craft people and hearing about what is happening in the market place, the big wide world pushes into the scene. Many, many people make their daily bread through their crafting skills- it produces a dynamic scene. Weaver's coming up with new designs, batik artists experimenting, glass bead makers looking for a new twist on their traditional techniques.... When you visit you are welcomed with open arms, allowed complete access and yet many times we have been requested "Don't let our new design be seen on social media" Why you would wonder? The world of craft espionage is huge- mobile phone and a picture is sent back to China, reproductions made and smuggled in across the boarder and into the market place before the weaver can wash his cloth and toddle up the road to put it in the shop. This impacts craft people, low cost rips offs and flooding the market; this effects the government as they are smuggled in across the border and no import taxes reach their revenue. It has popularized kente cloth as a print from China is now widely worn, great for a national feel... but? Hmmm ? The arts have always had to respond to the times, twist and turn and innovate to keep going, I suppose this is a modern twist on an old story. I like to think we do our little bit to keep the skills in the hands of the artisans by visiting and buying with s discerning eye- we come to Ghana for Ghana made. Glorious Ghana, looking forward to our next jaunt Feb2019. #creativeartssafaris #storiestotell #travelwriting #textiletravels #textilestories #ghana #weaving #kente #glassbeads  #crafttours #textiletours #traveltolearn #travelwithlove #experientialtravel #handsonexperiences #wanderandwonder #culturaltourism #learningholidays #littlevignettes #traveldeeper  #visitthevillage #offthebeatentrack

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