A little bit about us.

What to say?..
The blog "Of Daydreams and Memories" is to share some of our adventures...
Updating this...
June 2016- my husband Praveen and I are still enjoying our expanding workshop- we keep around 70 or so women busy....and when we get the chance run away and lead tours to other fabulous textile and cultural destinations

Aug 2015
The Stitching Project is rocketing along,
we now have a workshop with a dozen people bustling along and over 100 home based women stitching to their capacity.
Our products are found in discerning boutiques far and wide,
We have just recently hosted our first artist-in-residence, and will make this opportunity available again.... our baby Creative Arts Safaris is our great escape- lovely to share time with textile enthusiasts.
The Stitching Project is starting to really take off- we have a beautiful workshop, machine room with 8 people busy, a willing group of workshop assistants, 45 home based women [another 25 in training]stitching to their capacity.
Our workshop has a dedicated block print room, stitch room- for women and comfortable facilities for us all as well as space to offer a working Studio for students and guests.
Creative Arts Safaris are busy- we organize many trips each year for interest groups and lead a few trips ourselves - our little escape.August 2012

  • We [my husband Praveen and I and a menagerie] live in our own farm house outside Pushkar, India.
  • I no longer travel to teach but do accept students at our home
  • Creative Arts Safaris is still a lot of fun and working on it is still a great day in the office.
  • We have turned our passion for textiles and fairtrade into a workshop....The Stitching Project.
  • We design a range The Stitching Project utilising hand spun, hand woven cottons, recycled silk saris, block print and lots of hand stitched employing a lot of local folk [mostly women] from our local area. Pushkar is beautiful but with climate change local farming villages are doing it more tough each year. Fairly paid work makes a big difference.
  • we also work as a boutique production unit producing exciting designs for various clients from around the globe
I am Australian,
home base is Pushkar, India with my partner Praveen....
I am an artist,
my day jobs are teaching and operating an independent travel company "Creative Arts Safaris"...
I like to travel.
I have seen the difference Fair Trade ventures and Co-operatives bring to villages and communities on the ground.
I know how hard it is to find theses places when travelling.... we are always on the look out for leads to include these places in out tours- please let us know of any you find.