Sunday, August 27, 2006

an opening

Welcome to the exhibition.
It looks wonderful and received a good response.
I shared the space with my good friend Jan Clark.
We started off trying to work together on pieces- as we enjoyed each other’s work and thought we could learn a lot from the experience.

Well we learnt a lot, more importantly are still good friends but found we are too different to work on the same piece. Our work really compliments each other’s and hangs side by side well.

So here are a few views of the gallery.
The long piece[ first picture] is a combination of our works . The idea is based on the traditional Indian Toran [ we shared a journey to India and used it as an underlying theme to much our work for this exhibition]
So here side by side are our responses to India.

This piece was such an eye opener for me – I experience India as such a serene place, I feel really peaceful- whereas for Jan this trip was such a riot of colours and places and textures. Amazing we were standing side by side and this is the impressions experienced. Just like life really.

the other is a wall of some of my pieces.

I'll put up some more photoes of Jans works when Í get them sorted[ in the first photo is a few of her beautiful bug drawings too]- please come along for a visit


Kim said...

Fiona - Congratulations on your opening. Your work is stunning. I love the deep rich colors and texture. Jan does beautiful work and as I recall a joy to work with! (say hi to her for me - she painted some beautiful rocks when Donna came over to the studio and led us through some watercolor exercises!)

Brenda said...

Congratulations on your exhibition and welcome to the Artful Quilters Ring. I fell in love with Jan's quilts at The New Quilt Exhibition in Manly earlier in the year and it looks like your pieces work well together.