Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Almost a new year

Boy doesn't it go fast?

Old lady fast, as a kid it used to seem so slow.... oh well
you just need to enjoy every moment 😊

Self care these days is doing the tough stuff, not a nice almond croissant rather getting off my butt and walking, moving, eating sensible.... trying to maintain fitness and not get broader in the beam from lots of work and little activity.

Kind of tough.... on tour plenty of opportunity for activity but if I don't keep it up in between trips, tours can be an agony of sore legs running around all the day to see the sights and look after our guests.
So each morning I am up on the roof walking.... I talk to myself at the same time and think up lots of good stories to share.... by the time I run around like a blue arse fly getting ready, hit the office and start dealing with the day's work I forget all the good stories running through my head.

Tried speech to text app but it does not understand my accent or my mumbling and I get really weird printouts. I have no idea what they mean and I dictated them! Oh well.
Probably for the best, I am scared of falling off the roof in the dark of early morning.

I was thinking this morning of how great the internet and google is for a confirmed sticky beak.
Info is so easy to get your hands on.... yes you do need to look at the source but it is still at your finger tips.

When I was a kid my father never went home until the pub closed and so we spent a lot of time in the car waiting for him, for a blissful 6 months his favourite pub was opposite the town library and so I could go inside and look at books and read. I know at the age of 7 I discovered National Geographic and have loved its pictures and stories ever since.
Around that time my uncle Bruce and Aunt Jan had a huge wall map, we used to lie it on the floor and play eye-spy.... knew where all the countries were and their capital cities and always wanted to fall into the map and see the places.

When I was 15 I got a part time job, by 16 I had bought a set of Britannica on hire purchase.... weird or what? I enjoyed dipping in and being able to look up what ever popped into my head.

On our last trip I could not help thinking how easy things are now.
We hired a driver who along with Mrs Google made it so easy to find the places we wanted to see, once arrived we could jump out and let him worry about parking. I can tell you it saved a lot of arguments about directions and parking!!
Lokesh our driver, patient and good humored. Great Guy
In the old days when we started there was very little available on the internet as info and no google maps.
In fact, in India almost no usable maps at all. The ones I could find had very little relationship to what was actually happening on the ground and so we used to drive around and around asking people "do you know where this is?"
In India everyone says yes and gives you an answer.... does not matter if they have any idea what you are talking about at all.
So after every person we questioned we would then ask "Do you think he knows, really?"

Same googling about hotel locations, restaurant reviews makes it so much easier to narrow things down... you still need to check it out for yourself because it is not fool proof but it does make it easier. It is a good thing we like the research.

Wow this last year has been busy, in a good way but as ever, intense.
I keep thinking I have everything set up to get easier but then hiccups.

Office- we employed 2 great young women to help, one had an accident and had to leave, the other was told by her father she had to leave and take more tuition.... back to looking for office staff.
Really hard because we live in a little village, education is not great around here, our workshop staff we have been able to train up in running the production in the workshop, largely because I have made a system based on colours and codes.
Little reading needed , just a willingness to pick up the system.
Works so well, after years of struggle.

Office work though can't be trained up so easily, we need a lot more of an established education behind a candidate. English hopefully, able to use excel, word- a long list.
Drives me nuts trying to find staff.
MY big hope for the NEW YEAR is more staff. Office -yes please and in the workshop we have 4 new sewing machines looking for people to join us. Wedding season and busy tourist season makes it hard to attract people, we have mountains of work, just need more staff.

The grind of the workshop I am ready to step away from- happy to do the client liaison, checking and set up of orders but so much else an office person could do.

One thing I have made headway with is the website. I got the front/ the side you see  up and looking fine and all working and now have the help of a friend of ours to do the behind the scenes tweaking.
Thank goodness!!

I can start the new year saying I have a Personal Trainer and he is giving me homework. Sounds impressive? all to do with website stuff. Haha
My consultant is Peter- he of the wicked sense of humour and good skills. So it feels a bit like laughing yoga interacting with him and great things are getting done. It is such a relief to connect up with someone who can take the big headache out of it for me and set me on the right track. He helped Praveen and I 10 or 11 years ago when we first started a website and FB page and I know this will go well. Yippee

In my new year I want to go places, meet more people and find more corners of our wonderful Earth to love.

Happy New Year to you, may you also have fun adventures.

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