The Stitching Project

Our intention is to create a home business for ourselves whilst also creating as much work for local people as we can.
Our home is in a beautiful rural area, the landscape is semi-arid and so vulnerable
to drought; extra income is a highly desirable and hard to come by luxury especially for women around here and so we decided to develop work with them in mind.

Praveen and I at workshop blessing- weird head coverings mandatory. January 26, 2011.
Our mission statement reads like this
  • Run our workshop ethically showing care for our staff and our clients.
  • We want all to get a Fair Deal
  • create as much work for ourselves and as many hands as we can
  • emphasis on the work of the hand- handloom fabrics, hand block print, hand stitch
  • source materials as locally as possible
  • make choices that are as environmentally friendly as possible- unbleached handloom fabric, re-cycled silks saris
  • where the quality of modern sewing techniques are necessary use the best quality zips etc and local tailors to do the work at our new manufacturing workshop
  • promote fair pay for well produced work and educate to help achieve this
  • develop work based on traditional techniques where possible with a contemporary twist.
We now have two arms to The Stitching Project
1. The Stitching Project-  working with local women and men to produce beautiful hand work - more info on our website

2. The Stitching Project- Workshop; brand new, modern workshop to produce garments to order for customers

This is a quote from another company "Cabbages and Roses" and I cannot sum things up better than this
"We cherish quality and individuality. We aim to run our business in the kindest way possible, with the best quality of product and with the best treatment of the people involved in the provenance of the product; from beginning to end. Quality, uniqueness and fair prices paid to all our suppliers are reflected in our prices."
 I have this on my screen saver and agree with it every day and always try and live up to this mark.