Sunday, August 28, 2016

Festivals and Bazaaars.

Still raining,
Weather quite mild and the countryside is beautifully green,
Finding the struggle to get cloth dry and block printing happening a bit tiring, and then the sun peaks out and it is so humid my glasses fog up!
this was a week ago, another foot or two taller now and green reaching out to cover the road.....such a different world to our usual dust and desert.

The busy time of year has really started to kick in- we were offered a place at the Dastkar Desert Crafts Bazaar in Delhi so are madly scrambling to ready a selection of our new khadi/blockprint/handstitch/ indigo ideas as well as a selection of our very popular recycled silk sari stitch work.
This is the first of 3 events we will participate in, in Delhi over the next few months, as well as many visitors to the workshop and running away to tours.
All fun in their own way.
If you are in Delhi, come and say Hello to us, let us know if there is something you would really like us to bring up for you.
 It has been busy but really enjoyed working on our latest offerings....this Apron inspired pinafore really seems to fit most has ties at the back so adjusts and gives a flattering shape from the front, it feels quite romantic or feminine to wear but not hard to wear...I do like things practical. Pop a black Tshirt under it and I am ready for the day.
 It sounded easy- a nice loose dress- so inspired when I see designers like Daniela Griegs and TM Collection rock has taken ages to get is just right.... This loose dress we have in 2 sizes S [which sits well on UK/AU 8-10-12 even 14] and L [fine for 14-16-18- 20 maybe 22] a wide range...I have been trying them on everyone I come across to see how they sit.

In Vietnam earlier in the year one of our guests had a lovely little shift dress on- liked her detailing. We did a nice shift last year, easy to wear over pants or with bare I used the shape and was inspired by her detailing and voila the new Rosie shift dress....some of our block print gave it all the pop it needed. Aqua/grey and Rose/orange were the colourways....  Mahendra my block print guy did not quite get my colour instructions so we have now have black/grey stripe as well. I like that look so much I have snapped one up!
Our little Etsy shop is starting to work well for us.
I have been working hard on tweaking the descriptions and sorting out all measurements and details....let me know if you have any suggestions.

Praveen and I have enjoyed getting these new ideas together....well yes a bit of muttering sometimes, translating ideas and getting through the workload but each one we say YES! too feels like a pat on the back.
The Dastkar event was good timing as we will get to see them out in the world, it really helps us understand how they look.

Office work is pretty much up to date- so a big day of stitching ahead and dreaming Ethiopia....we've just about got all in place for a reccy end of December, I am so excited..... source of the Blue Nile, Rock hewn churches, Omo Valley, crocodile market....doesn't the mind boggle, do you take them in on a lead?

Stitch away :)
This week is no less busy than last...possibly more, the big change is I am trying to master my response. I can get rather cross and snappy when tired and feeling like too much to do. Doesn't change the work load, really stresses Praveen out and leaves everyone miserable. Been trying to give myself a shake up. Stop work when I go home, break down things into do-able lists for today and make the occasional joke. Fake it until you make it....the laughs have come easier as the week progressed and we have made headway in a much happier manner.
Note to self- keep that idea in mind. :)

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Stitching samples trying to nail a look for a client the meandering line sparked my imagination.... #thestitchingproject #khadi #indigo #handmadeluxury #handstitch #jacket

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Thanks to my mate @origidij I have indigo dyed thread to stitch ideas on a khaki jacket. Happy Sunday. #thestitchingproject #nudge #khadi #indigo #newideas #slowclothing

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frustrated remebering to be thankful....

Rakshabandan a few days ago- a big festival where everyone heads off to the family home.
Sisters take a rakhi- colourful little string for the wrist to their brothers and brothers give their sisters a gift.
 Lovely we swapped the day off to facilitate 3 days later and I am still waiting for some staff to come back. One mentioned he would be one day later....the others just did not turn up . Grrrrrr

I woke up this morning, thinking I would write something today and it all revolved around thank you, thank you to soo many people.....lost the plot a bit when we have so much to do and key people are absent....still.

OK over whinging.... going to clean up my print table and pick up when I meant to start :)

Starting again....
  • I really appreciate the band of friends/ supporters [ perhaps we have not even met but you are acting like friends :)] who share our TSP and CAS posts on social media.
  • I really appreciate the positive response we receive from people far and wide, and I appreciate hearing suggestions and things we need to work on. Where we live is far, far away from most of you and my family and friends it could feel very remote but the contact electronic communications and social media affords make it all seem so close.
  • I really appreciate my mates who still keep up with me.... I love it when I see you and in between when I am home life is quiet intense and busy and I often don't have a lovely newsy letter to write- yours are always savoured and enjoyed... my world is quite the same, same each day.
  • my days are intense and hectic and sometimes frustrating and yet each day I see the people we work with and what they learn and how their life goes and I have a thousand small satisfactions.
  • I got out a new newsletter yesterday for TSP and was so pleased to brag about two triumphs of late. Please pass this along to anyone or shop you think might be interested in us- thanks.
     Two of our boys Nandu [right] and Mukesh [left] have been receiving computer training from Ooyan a computer wiz... they are starting to help with record keeping and moving up from being the unskilled assistants they started as. The looks of enjoyment on their faces as we took a first look at excel and how it can do calculations for you will always be remembered.
    Mrs Rekha has one of our machines at her house, we have been trying to get women into the workshop to no avail, Mrs Rekha and Mrs Om said they would come train on the understanding we would send a machine home with them when they are ready. Unfortunately Mrs Om fizzled- her choice, we have tried a few ideas for her now and Mrs Rekha flourished. She is now taking as much work as she can manage and getting the patching of sari silk for all our garments under control. Such a help for us and she is looking so pleased as we watch her income increase. BIG yeh!
  • I really appreciate the willing of these people to take on something new... challenges can be scary and other we have tried with have had a million and one reasons why they can't or won't.
thank you to all the lovely people we have in our lives, and the lesson we have the opportunity to learn. :)
that's it for today... I have a new idea I want to stitch and am going to leave the office work alone for the day.
Books are Fun Library update.
bit disappointing at the moment, the space we thought we could idea what is happening, they have been unresponsive after looking for a buyer????
have to just let it go again for a while I get to tied up over it. Thought we could make a room in our workshop yard but it just won't work having kids coming in here, we are too busy for the distraction.
I have to trust this is just a step along the way until it all falls into place.