Wednesday, September 30, 2020

"We create our own reality"

I have collected quotes since my ealry teens... words to remember, words to try and grow into.
As I mentioned I am going a little nuts being stuck here in India

 I am surrounded by a lovely bunch of people, much love and care.

What i miss is a good chin wag and to sit down for a cup of tea and chat where I am FIONA... not the anonymous Madam everyone relies on, 

but the goof ball who hangs out, has a laugh, is sad or pissed and makes mistakes and it is OK. Vulnerable is OK.

Here everyone watches me. I live in the least populated state of India only 65 million people in a landspace less than Victoria state in Australia. 

If i am not up walking in the dark in the morning, the neighbour will later ask if I am OK, at the workshop I am constantly telling people to let me do it, as a senior member of the place others think I should do nothing but be queen bee. very nice of them but I am a handson type person.

Whilst surrounded by millions I am lonely.

I am liucky my kids and my mates are making a huge effort for me to be at the other end of the line, emails, chat groups, photos, videos and phone calls abound. 

It really helps guys. Thank you 

the BUT

there is nothing like real human contact and presense... I am sure that is dawning the world over now.

We need people up close and personal not at the end of zoom.

It may take a little longer to sort out but we need to remember this, and make sure we do come out of isolation and connect up again.

Look after our enviroment to mitigate disasters... I have read a few things that suggest enviromental damage means we are sharing space with wild creatures and there is increased risk of weird viruses.... we need to protect and increase wild spaces... they are also the lungs of our world.

Rambling 😄

This is my inspiration this week and working on how to implement it into my day, 

each and every day, for myself and much more importantly for our world and her people.

I have been exploring a story on Instagram

I was happy to start... I wonder if I will continue.... 

Thursday, September 17, 2020

stress and other problems


as I was about to leave the workshop I burst into tears.  

I was as surprised as anyone else.... I am exhausted, I work hard but I am also stoic and just don't breakdown like that.

I am stuck in India, I was supposed to fly to Australia 31.3.20 [ secretly I was relocating to Australia but had not mentioned that to my husband]

I was having lunch with a friend here in Pushkar mid- March and she had had a message from SmartTraveller that there was a health problem and a suggestion Australians might return home.

She had talked to her travel agent/friend who was trying to find details, nothing was clear when we googled Australin Govt sites. The next day the travel agent said she suggested changing tickets and coming home asap. My firend R got a flight out of Delhi via the Middle East to Australia, her travel agent said it was the last seat available and was a rediculous cost. I am so glad she did.

My flight was unable to be changed and the High Commission said shelter in place.

India went into lockdown with 4 hrs notice and it was severe. NO information about what was happening just a policeman at the end of the road with a baton he was happy to use. Hard to get food some days becuase you did not know which 2 hrs you could go to the market and if you went tomorrow at the same time you might get beaten.

Much fear and confusion in our area.

Extremely difficult time- we could not easily go out to buy food but we did cater a few mass feedings- we fed 600 people lunch a few times, we bought groceries for a 150 families- then we were allowed past to buy the food [we had help from generous friends in Australia to do these feedings]  rules were hard to fathom.

Time has gone on, the silver lining is that after years of difficulties my husband and I have actually communicated well and settled a lot of problems.

Relocating to Australia is still a prioity, I want a Grannie House and time to be with my family. 

I want time to breathe and take a moment.

My husband and I will go back to the days before I permanently moved to India 12 years ago and have extended visits back and forth between India and Australia. We have all laernt what we can do with working from home and zoom meetings- my workshop gang , my husband and I can make this work for us.

I have tried hard through out all of this to maintain a positive public face for my gang at the Workshop, for the confidence of our clients who allow us to create thsi Workshop and employment. We have trained and employed nearly 100 people, mostly women and they are doing well. We have had little covid in the area and the permanent, fairly paid work they have had for years meant they have weathered the storm here very well. Our wonderful clients have supported us with continued orders and we have been kept busy.

Our Tours guests, again have been supportive. We had 4 tours booked and ready to go as this happened and all agreed to postpone until next year. They must be feeling as anxious as I am, we have vouchers for all our payments.... but what will the future hold? MAJOR Stresser for me worrying over this, until things open up I can't see what will happen.

I realise Australia is where I refresh and recharge. When I am here I work like a maniac looking after all the people around me, a good thing but a break is necesary to be effective.

Now we come to the complete mess of getting to Australia. After the March shutdown there were no flights, by July some flights started to show up, I though I would be sensible and give the dust time to settle and booked for August and started counting the days.... and hours too, really.

My first airline shutdown so that flight cancelled, second flight booked the same day to fly same date, I got bumped a month out, then a new date a week later in early September, 6 days before I got a phone call from airline saying sorry, we have to change your dates because Australian Governement caps means you don't have a seat. I was given a new date 28.10.20 if the governement opens up the caps.

Since then I have been watching all the media to try and understand what is going on.

Federal Govt- Scomo suggested stranded Australians were the problem, holidaying and not listening

Then he said State Premiers the problem, even though Commonwealth govt is in charge of International borders....

 Premiers saying all types of things, but basically don't ask me, ask him....

Intersting fact the guy who started the website Lift the Caps was interviewed on prime time news in Oz and was phoned by his ariline a few days later offering to bring his ticket forward from Novemeber to 2 days time, 3 months before he was due to fly. How can this be, he askes? Apparently someone in governemt directed the airline to give hime special tratment.

Fair system Australian Goverenment. ???

Now there is a lot of hot air over lifting the caps BUT what is not being covered so well is that the numbers quoted 4000 or even 6000 incoming is not just international returnees but also interstate travellers being quarantined!!

If you are in Australia you have health care, mental healthcare, govet assistance if you are unemployed and fairly much rule of law. Yes I know you might want to be in your home state but whereever you are, if you are in Australia it is pretty good.

If you are stranded overseas you GET no assitance what so ever, no healthcare, mental healthcare or safe place to live.

International and interstate travellers shoulf be under different quarantine allocations and the 6000 places the Govt is talking about should be allocated to International returnees.

Actual number are far higher than the 25/30,000 able to get the DFAT website to list them. Airlines say the lines would be 100,000 plus just from the enquiries they have fielded.

Australian Governement both Federal and Local- 

Is there a waiting list, where am I on the waiting list? will I be allowed by the governement to fly on my booked flight? 

I can understand a line-up, I can wait until my flight comes up BUT not knowing if i will be bumped anytime up until i sit my bottom on that plane is killing me.

The Anxiety is really doing me in, and I do have a plcae to sleep.... what about all those people with nothing. To leave a place you have to pack up your goods, give up your job.

 What do you do if you are bumped on the way to the airport?


Thursday, August 13, 2020



Trying to keep HOPE alive.

I was planning on going to Australia 31 March, I was planning on staying for a long, long time. India was a bit overwhelming for me at that time.

 Meanwhile all hell was breaking loose j.... I still don't have a refund or new tickets from that airline.

Australia govt advice was hard to get.... took weeks to even get registered with Australian consulate here in India that I felt stranded and wanted to get back to Australia.

If you poke around on the internet you might find some info but hard to fathom.

There were no flights, how could one get home?

Now reading the media it seems Aussie government is inferring that everyone had a chance to get back in March and it is their problem if they didn't.

In March could you imaging this would stretch out for half a year and an end was not in sight.

I took advice of consulate and stayed where I was....

I have family and responsibilities in Australia, I want the safety of them around me in this time....

I have had 3 cancelled flights since March, no cash refunds to buy a new flight just vague messages I will eventually get a credit note for future use. I currently have a flight for 5 Sept, it has been delayed from 29 August. Pray for me I get on it.

Australian govt is inferring airlines are causing the problem, but they are setting the caps and changing them on a daily basis as to how many they will allow an airline to carry.

India has a lot of problems and I find it hard to feel positive about the government but they have sent out airplanes and brought stranded Indians home. 8 to 900,000 was the last numbers I heard.

What has Australia done?

There are so many in a lot worse situation than I am, and yet I feel desperate to get home to OZ, how are they?

Where is the duty of care for Australian Citizens? 

I just found this petition.... let's think of the many people OS who would like to be safely at home.

I love my workshop and my travels but life is not always easy here. I now have Grandchildren and I want to be a part of their life. My plans are to base in Australia and do a lot more of  workshop management through zoom. My team are good, Praveen will be here in India. We can all manage.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Quilt Diary

We've all been working hard to make a quilt diary and work out a format to easily record future work to share.
Huge learning curve.
Only the beginning but take a peep at our website and see what you think 🙂

Sunday, July 05, 2020

Sunday Funday...

it never stops...... website mode in a big way.

AnjelMs got their new shipment from us quickly, the previous one due to lack of flights had to cross Australia on a truck to reach Fremantle from Delhi ??

Gaelle from Anjelms' community discovered crafting in a big way during lockdown and she now has a whole batch of our latest TSP Supplies to feed this interest.

Ask and you shall receive.
It is true, I wanted to get Supplies moving, can't do it from the workshop in India because the paperwork wanted by Government is so onerous it is not work the effort. You know I closed Etsy a while ago after it being very successful for 10 years. Not because it was not successful but because by the time we paid etsy, paypal, bank and government fees and charges we made about 15% of what you had paid for the item. Ridiculous

but if I can get TSP Supplies out into retailers hands it is a win for you- they are available again and a win for us because we are utilizing our cloth to the limit.

I started to write a post about shaggy mats
inspired by the Moroccan concept of Boucherouite Rugs using recycled cloth....
got distracted in a major way sorting out shop details on the new version of our website

website building does my head in...intense but had a big win with layout today.... 

Got distracted by this lovely picture from last night

so sending you much
and a taste of what I will write up tomorrow 

Friday, July 03, 2020

Getting fit....

Getting fit has been a bonus of Covid, I simply would not have made the effort if I was not trapped into it.

Now it is a thing and I am so pleased with myself.
I have shed 12 kg and feel so much lighter in heart and body for regular exercise.
It is a challenge each and everyday and I have so many muscles I did not know existed that groan a little as I move.
Yet the satisfaction of being able to POP upstairs and having to make new smaller clothes is enormous.
Finding little distractions helps make it fun.

10 km per day walking at least and 30-45 mins yoga per day. Yippee

Happy Friday 

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Life is Sweet

Note to self:
Life is sweet. Full stop.
We are lucky to be alive and life deserves to be LIVED.
Easy to dream of faraway sweets- especially something as divine as these Moroccan pastries, the challenge is to find the sweet in the here and now.
There will be plenty of those pastries next year 2021 during “Moorish Delights of Andalusia and Morocco
More of the Bon Mots!!
It is the journey not the destination…. Find all the little moments of sweet along the way 😊
Ya know, there are some days where I have to give myself a good shake and talking to.
Have a great day.