Sunday, July 05, 2020

Sunday Funday...

it never stops...... website mode in a big way.

AnjelMs got their new shipment from us quickly, the previous one due to lack of flights had to cross Australia on a truck to reach Fremantle from Delhi ??

Gaelle from Anjelms' community discovered crafting in a big way during lockdown and she now has a whole batch of our latest TSP Supplies to feed this interest.

Ask and you shall receive.
It is true, I wanted to get Supplies moving, can't do it from the workshop in India because the paperwork wanted by Government is so onerous it is not work the effort. You know I closed Etsy a while ago after it being very successful for 10 years. Not because it was not successful but because by the time we paid etsy, paypal, bank and government fees and charges we made about 15% of what you had paid for the item. Ridiculous

but if I can get TSP Supplies out into retailers hands it is a win for you- they are available again and a win for us because we are utilizing our cloth to the limit.

I started to write a post about shaggy mats
inspired by the Moroccan concept of Boucherouite Rugs using recycled cloth....
got distracted in a major way sorting out shop details on the new version of our website

website building does my head in...intense but had a big win with layout today.... 

Got distracted by this lovely picture from last night

so sending you much
and a taste of what I will write up tomorrow 

Friday, July 03, 2020

Getting fit....

Getting fit has been a bonus of Covid, I simply would not have made the effort if I was not trapped into it.

Now it is a thing and I am so pleased with myself.
I have shed 12 kg and feel so much lighter in heart and body for regular exercise.
It is a challenge each and everyday and I have so many muscles I did not know existed that groan a little as I move.
Yet the satisfaction of being able to POP upstairs and having to make new smaller clothes is enormous.
Finding little distractions helps make it fun.

10 km per day walking at least and 30-45 mins yoga per day. Yippee

Happy Friday 

Thursday, July 02, 2020

Life is Sweet

Note to self:
Life is sweet. Full stop.
We are lucky to be alive and life deserves to be LIVED.
Easy to dream of faraway sweets- especially something as divine as these Moroccan pastries, the challenge is to find the sweet in the here and now.
There will be plenty of those pastries next year 2021 during “Moorish Delights of Andalusia and Morocco
More of the Bon Mots!!
It is the journey not the destination…. Find all the little moments of sweet along the way 😊
Ya know, there are some days where I have to give myself a good shake and talking to.
Have a great day.

Wednesday, July 01, 2020

TSP website

Somedays I can really appreciate the internet and all we now have at our finger tips.


but the flip side is if you have sites on this very same internet www web world thingy
it sure takes a lot of effort to keep it up to date, clean and relevant.

sssssooooooooooooooooooooooooo much work.

Oh well- take a look at The Stitching Project's new website, let me know what you think ? or better yet, tell me what I missed- haha :)

Monday, June 29, 2020

Kelewele Nostaglia

Having a foodie minute with my mate this morning, dreaming of delectable kelewele from Ghana
Lightly spiced fried plantain, the ultimate and most addictive comfort food.
OH yum.
Bonus, googling a recipe for her I found a new site called Demand Africa which looks good for whetting the travel appetite 😊
try the recipe 
On their own or with Red Red Beans- ohhhh yum.

Hopefully August 2021 we can enjoy them again during West African Wanderings

Thursday, June 18, 2020

the very first

Haha that was my first post 18 August 2005!

still fiddling with websites, now moved from Creative Arts Safaris to polishing The Stitching Project as well.

I know a glutton for punishment, but my Grandmother said it didn't matter what you look like at home when you face the world a dash of lipstick and comb your hair you will feel better.
Well with a lot of home time.... a bit of polish feels noice and a fresh new look is not a bad idea as we emerge.

CAS looks a bit flash I think.... 😍
- now blogger lets me smile at you !!

and TSP is still being worked on..... I have a new shop opening on site but it will be a little while before I get it all lined up.

Back to sorting out the workshop.... curious as to what was in the fabric store 1, i got it emptied out..... this has lead to emptying out fabric 2, spreading stuff EVERYWHERE even into the house next door... we do own it but it was not for this purpose. 
making headway.