Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Memory Cards.

 I have wonderful memories sitting with my Great Grandmother- Big Nan or Nana Leichardt we called her,  she would play cards or pick up sticks with us for hours.

It is such a fond memory and I now realise just how patient she was and all that time she gave is so precious to me.

I am trying to follow in my Grandparents footsteps now I am Granny Fifi and make sure I spend time with my little ones.

It is exhausting- I am perfecting the Nana Nap and it is such a previledge to have the opportunity.

I really appreciate Praveen being so understanding of the fact I need to be here whilst they are small, we had thought we would both be able to pop back and forth more often.... but with how the world has turned it means I am in Oz and he is in India for the next while. Thanks my love for your support. 

I made games with my class when I was a Steiner Shcool Teacher years ago and many of my children's toys when they were little.... some things I always was a gunnu do..... and here I am doing them 😊

Ludo and Checkers have already proven to be a lot of fun.

Now I am working on a set of Memory Cards...

I drew up blocks, got them carved and Parwun printed up the sets for me.

Putting them together is simple- 

Cut out , stitch.

I like to slowly hand stitch so I have cut them with w wide border and are wrapping them around a felt stiffener to get them integrity and top stitching them into place.

You know me - a little wonky.... but happy.

The kids were impressed I was stitching something for them whilst they played cars, Mr 5 years old, loved the game we played with a half set and is looking forward to having the whole set so he finds even more pairs. 😍

If you are a machine girl you could follow a similar idea and use a wide zigzag stitch to finish the edge.

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