Tuesday, January 05, 2021


A friend just started a group on FB- Stop Scrolling and Read

she recognised how much time she wasted doomscrolling, how unproductive it is and wanted to do something about it for herself and kindly said something and invited others to join her.

I really appreciate the idea and like the idea of a group of readers- living in India i could never find a book club, this will be kind of like that I guess. Friends who like to read, maybe chat about it - yippee.

Hiya, just wanted to say how much I appreciate the idea behind this group - thank you, Claire.

I have read prodigiously since 11 years old when reading clicked for me, it was not just a skill you needed at school - it opened up worlds and vistas and escape. I was in love and have never wavered in my affections.
Doomscrolling & social media, I now realise, have dimmed the connetion.
Part of my work is research and I have always had a pile of books to work through, and now I think about it they have been gathering dust.
Time wasted on doom scrolling, reading fluff to unwind and escape but not much time reading stimulating stuff, well written thought proking things.... I had noticed but put it down to stress, old age.... what ever.
Doomscrolling is the biggest culperate and it is something that can be managed.
Like any good 12 step programme I need to admit I have a problem.... the rest should start to sort itself out.
I have a small stack of books with me in Australia and my kindle and now you guys to re-abilitate myself.
looking forward to Gabriel García Márquez - he has been on my gunna' list for ages and never made the effort....

I am finally in Australia and relishing being able to see my kids and grandkids, hang out with my friends, wander easily.

It is a whole different world for me and I don't know what the future will bring, I miss Praveen and my workshop but the isolation of where I lived became so obvious during lockdown, no tours to wander on and travel buddies to chat with....

I know I need to spend more time in Australia/ make it my base and luckily Praveen likes the idea too.... so it is just working it our step by step and making it happen.

Morning walks are now along a beautiful country road, open and peaceful- I feel so free.
This tree talked to me the other day....
Life is not always about turning the page, sometimes it is about adding a new leaf.
I know this is a mixing of metaphors but it is just thoughts rattling around in my head, so who cares.
I got the message.
Look at those new leaves, the most exquisite heart warming pink.... let this new leaf of my life open up in a similar manner.

Time to take a look, 

Change habits- the hardest part is recognizing the habit that needs to change, the rest will then start to take care of itself.

New leaves are beautiful, a little different at first and will mature into an ongoing appraoch/habit/ life :)

Happy New Year as we turn a new leaf 😊


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