Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Silk Sari Bags

 Hello all, 

here is a simple recipe for Silk Sari Bags.

I made my first one years ago and used it as a handbag for a while, so I wanted it to be firm and not let stuff drop through.

Being back in Australia at the moment, where SAY NO TO PLASTIC is really a thing now, I realise we need a lot of bags for shopping on hand, so I have reworked the Silk Sari Bag to be lighter and looser, it uses less yarn.

First though the long tale of making Sari Yarn

1. find your saris

2. check for silk by burning a corner

3. rip into strips

4. hand out to our home based Machine Ladies to machine stitch the ripped lengths together

Saroj Madam, has one of our machines- it does take up a significant part of her house's space but she is happy to have it. She machines for us and makes clothes for the neighbours as well.

Yarn is joined by a continuous thread, makes it strong and no lumps when using it.

5. wash and dry

6. roll up into 100 gm skeins- ready to go to you.

Silk Sari Bag 1

weight of this one is 280 gm so I would estimate 3 balls of yarn enough.

Silk Sari String Bag- version 2

Weight 200 gm so 2 balls should just about do it. Sorry these are guestimates because each ball whilst being 100 gm might a have a metre or so more or less depending on the saris. Last row around top of bag could be in a different yarn to finish it off if you run short.

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