Wednesday, March 03, 2021

Grid print stitching

 Recent Obsessions

This print urges me to stitch into it. 

Years ago we made dresses, they had a natural dye background and this print on top, then on the yoke I put little white stitches in some of the squares.
My secret urge is to make a jacket in this print and stitch all the squares- how cool would that be? I don't often mention that to myself because I have a lot of other projects underway, but one day....
I was lucky enough to have a piece of this cloth at home when Covid struck. The lockdown in India was intense, I went to sleep planning my next day in the workshop and woke up to be informed I could not leave my house AT ALL.... I made Covid animals for all my little ones.
No sewing machine at home I used blanket stitch to join the edges.
My littlies have been giving them a work out and they are lasting just fine.

Shapes of the Covid Creatures are just flat cut outs and when I was joining front to back I inserted the skinny legs, arms and ears into the seam before joining.
Send me a message if you want to see a picture of the pattern pieces.

Just got a new stash in the shop  and I think a manageable project would be to make drinks coasters.
A plan- square shape, colour with stitch
find something a bit heavy to layer in the middle and then blanket stitch top to bottom.

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