Friday, May 07, 2021

Ohh the Pause

 I am more a bull at a gate type person

all this Pausing is driving me nuts.....

freaked me out really, especially now with India and my people there, my Praveen....

what to do?

Actually the rest coming from being here in Oz has been really good for me, I think perhaps if I had kept up at the pace I used to run I might have snapped real soon.

Good lesson- The Pause does have a silver lining...

and I do see people starting to consider their priorities, I see governments being questioned about just what their priorities are. Keep that going!!

So I am here in Oz, 

re-inventing myself in a way.... still me, still the same passions but at a different time and place.

I am back in my old neighbourhood

and must admit I love the landscape and being able to wander up the road and have a good chat. My place in India i love and am loved by many but am the outsider, Madam and a good chat is difficult with language restraints and such a different cultural background.

Didn't know how much I missed being able to babble in Ozzstralian until I had it again 😊

Getting to Australia took me a month or quarantine- first in Delhi, then in Darwin....I knew I would get out eventually but even that felt like it could go on forever being constantly watching for the virus....

I thought of all those people in limbo stuck because they could not stay where they came from and wanted somewhere safe to live.

I admire the work of entities like the ASRC - 1 month being locked up was horrible, how can indefinite detention for just wanting to be safe feel?

I like to cook- Feasting for Freedom sounded like a good way to reconnect to my community and be positive. Menu here

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