Saturday, April 22, 2006

past Uni...

I have just recently finished my Masters of Visual Arts  which in many ways was rather a traumatic affair[ the doing not the finishing].
Some came about I think from an old dog trying to learn new tricks, some was more to do with communication or lack there of it and some to do with the confines of what you can say at an academic level.
I was initially told you can say what ever you like as long as you can back it up. I knew I came from a left field back ground with a strong spiritual basis but thought oh well I can certainly reference things. What I came to feel was there are strong blinkers locked firmly in place and what my final papers reflected was an effort done with only one side acknowledged.

Oh well I was wanting to play on their field and those were the rules. Experience is there to learn from.

I learnt a lot in many odd ways and I am only now starting to appreciate some of it.
The catalogue I produced to go with my final exhibition for Uni finished with this line on the last page ‘there’ is only ‘here’ in another location…
I have started to really love that thought… it opens up so many others.

I have been using some of the clothes used to wrap parcels in India before they are posted as the basis of a series of pieces…

And I is leading on to many more ideas to follow up

The little image here is just a small variation and experiment on the theme- mounted up because I need a few pieces to pop into an exhibition...still I am excited to explore where it will lead

(image placeholder)

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