Tuesday, September 26, 2006

canada, london and Paris

this is the lovely Rose, with our stone friend at Writing on Sone Park in the middle of Canada,

all along the river is a whole forest of this remarkable weathered stone.

i spent a number of wonderful days with Rose, we explored and spent time in her studio making Felt[ along with Cindy and her Mum- Canadians are so friendly and kind]

next I crossed the country to visit Pamela Allen [check her out on the web- i really enjoy her work, having the chance to get up close to some of her art quilts I found some really moving- such a strong feel to them- very enjoyable]

and meet the Kingston Creative Textile group

I have finally hit London, or been hit by London more like.
It is amazing- so big, so busy so many people.
On the news on the way in on the train– I had to laugh- they said “Paris Hilton, long thought to be a waste of air and water was now realized to be a waste of air, water and margaritas after her recent drink driving charges”
I thought it set the tone immediately of English humor.

I am putting up a few images of Canada, I visited this park where the rock formations were extraordinary,
I enjoyed the Canadian countryside- beautiful and so much water- flying over there are as many lakes as land. So different to Australia, you never see large bodies of water as you fly across.
I enjoyed my teaching the participants were hard working and highly skilled so we seemed to cover a lot of ground and had a lot to learn from the examples each person produced.

Great place Canada- friendly people, beautiful landscape, cute rodents- squirrels all over the place

now i am finally getting this up i am actually in Paris for a few days.

Paris wraps me up like Delhi- I imediately feel at home and happy just to be here.

i walked so far today though that my feet nearly fell off!

still i am sure i will muster the energy soon to go out and sit in a cafe, watch people passing by and enjoy dinner.

In Paris you just realise life is meant to be enjoyed and criused along with.

Boy are the local people good to look at here, apart from Asia you don't see so many trim people and the locals are sssssoooooooo stylish.

australians- we should be pleased with the anti-smoking campaigns in our country- looking around over here and esp Uk so many smaoke[ and boy does it stink] as well as every ones health. oh well that's life


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