Thursday, September 28, 2006


photos- the lovely gardens at Les Halles, entrance to the big courtyrad at th eLouvre- i am trying to give you an idea of the scale of the place.
a little hanbag i saw in a fancy shop

Paris is in many ways similar to India- love in its many forms seems to be the life blood of each.
In India it is not uncommon to hear a man on the street singing the latest love song from the movies, Bollywood is all about love, Taj, Ghandi…..
In Paris turn the heat up a notch[ I think the real reason cafés have firer extinguishers is for those customers who are actually sizzling!] it is amour.
Not only romantically but for all of life’s pleasures- I could smell the tomatoes passing the fruit shop[ in Australia I can bounce them but flavour was left behind]- the vin ordinaire is good, a sense of style is everywhere evident.
Not one moulded plastic chair in sight [ they are breeding across the world this is the only country so far not infected!]

The feminine is acceptable and appreciated in both places- I have followed the feminist line, raised my children alone for 15 years, had a full time and fulfilling job, built a house, made the bread and the meals- really the lot.
It is refreshing not to have to look like a bloke doing so. Both places have the space for a vision of the feminine which is distinct from the masculine and I like that.

Paris like the Indian bazaar is similar in that the same kind of shops seems to proliferate in a similar area.
I mentioned fabric around the foot of the Sacre Coeur,
Handbag and all type of glitzy bits, beads and sparkle adorn the little narrow streets west of the Pompidou Centre.
Follow the rue de Fauburg Montmartre along toward the Hotel de Ville and you go through a gourmet food area,
Up along the boulevarde Sebastapol towards the Gare de l’Est seems the place for wigs
Many impressions…
The doormen or Bouncers [beautifully dressed men in suits]to the shops are less hunky the flasher the establishment

Good looking and original clothing shops are everywhere and it is sale time so all are very busy.

The news headlines mention a German Opera being cancelled because the head of Mohamed is one of the stage props and they are concerned it may offend sections of the community. Good on them for their concern and sensitivity, this may seem a little extreme to some but in these times this type a gesture will go a long way to building bridges – it is not an act of fear but of reconciliation and I applaud it.

Fon is a new thing being mention it is to do with wireless internet, they are suggesting if you have broadband you can allow others to use it wirelessly and when you travel you can take advantage of a similar thing. Many cafés are already offering this type of connection

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