Saturday, December 30, 2006

art galleries

I had a day in Sydney with some friends doing a gallery crawl. Wonderful!

the Goddess exhibition at Art Gallery of NSW is excellent, work on display in the Aboridinal gallery is so inspiring... that is one of my favourite spots for looking.

and then we walked across to the Museum of Contempoaray Art at Circular Quay to see the Paddy Bedford exhibition.
Really worth seeing, he uses paint with the same sensual uality i find in textiles.
you know looking at his work the creating of them would have been an enjoyable tactile experience, similarly to working in textile.the texture and feel of the piece ahs a lot to do with why you choose the medium.
his work is mimimalist, and so eloquent. the space created by ht eblack areas[ negative space] seemed to stretch on to infinity.
those works will be in my daydreams for a long while to come.

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