Thursday, April 26, 2007

via California

Mendocino coast line is spectacular.....

my wonderful hosts - after seeing Vivian Westwood.

guess where- it is red not golden?
In Paducah, Kentucky got here via San Francisco.

What a lovely place. I was luck enough to be taken under the wing of a very nice couple, shown around and treated with such warmth.
I was a little anxious flying to the States- immigration are pretty tough and have no sense of humour- they often want to know exactly what you are doing, where you are going, etc.

This time I was happy I could say I am meeting friends, an artist and a retired pediatrician. I was driving into town with my new friend Dixie and asked her what is it she makes , and this lovely grandmother says “oh, I make bombs in the basement!”. I am glad immigration did not look her up on their security listings.
She knits bombs and has exhibited them at a number of swanky locations. Knitting is used to create warm and secure clothing for loved ones, here is used to depict the very things that are apparently needed for the security of the nation???
What a way to make comments and stir up questions.

I will have some photos in a day or two to share- they look fantastic.
one thing the opportunity to travel has revealed to me is that there are many, many normal people out there who are as unhappy with what is happening in the world as i am, and i must not assume they are all like the media and comedians portray different nationalities to be.
just because a country is apparently democratic does not mean their elected members actually reflect the wants and desires of mamy, many many of their inhabitants.

From SF we drove up the beautiful Californian coast to Mendocino. A tiny town that had new life breathed into in the late 50s/ early 60s with the establishment of an Arts Centre that is still flourishing to this day.

Mendocino is well worth a visit for its natural beauty, great art galleries, laid back food scene and people and especially to take a weekend workshop would be a real treat. There is always plenty on and when you are traveling the internet makes it so easy to organize these things.

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