Saturday, April 07, 2007

weather shock of travelling

ice covered Lake George in NY State,
couldn't get over the snow and ice and here i was in spring when it was all disappearing...
close up of an amzing jacket one of my students was wearing- looked so warm and cuddly...

4 April,

Sitting in a plane 10km above the Pacific- I have had a snooze but don’t really know if it should be day time or night time….it is dark outside so I will pretend I know and it is still nighttime…my body clock is not so sure..

I have just been catching up on office work and have my web site revamped with all my tour info now available.
We have changed a bit with our Rajasthan tour, made it longer and am going more heritage with our hotels.
There is a bit of a price jump but it is a far more realistic price [great business person that I am I forgot to factor some of my costs into the last year’s tour! DDHhhh??? ]

I have been getting up at 4 or 5 in the morning in Canada to get it done before going off teaching- now I am exhausted and feel a wreck but the excitement of seeing my boys is keeping me going.

I was wandering around Toronto- daydreaming as usual and realized just how lucky I am…my office sets a grueling schedule- having to catch planes and travel after the first event is just hard work.
Often though I am invited into people’s houses and looked after like a princess- this is so much nicer than hotels and not lonely and so generous of those who take me in.
I get to quiz them on local things, try local home cooking, and often see the places locally they like.
That level of local sightseeing and the stories you hear associated with it are the best!
Gives you more of a feel for a place than just visiting the showy sites.

I really appreciate that care of those I have visited and feel like I have hands of friendship extending all around the world. This makes the world a very small place really.

Toronto is a great place- just part of 2 days to wander but I feel like I covered a lot
I stayed at Global Village Backpackers on the edge of the Fashion district. This area is pretty interesting many, many boutiques…I am just a drive-by shopper, I never actually stop and go in. still there looked to be a really good variety of interesting places. One that made my mind boggle was the Condom Boutique… I don’t think you can try the wares on for size!

Up the other way was the Chinatown area- yum! Wonderful fresh vegetable and fruit venders on the road, great yum cha and the first Vietnamese restaurant on the right as you go up Spadina Ave was excellent.

The textile Museum of Canada is a must see, and apparently the Bata Shoe museum is a must see [ I forgot about until too late , to be frank]
Yesterday morning I was up early and went walking- I love wandering when people are rushing to work, they are fresh scrubbed and rather open- it gives an insight into people.
I went up past the CN Tower, no urge to go up, through the Thearte District, noticed some excellent looking bookshops and along to the Old Town where the St Lawrence Market was a treat- lots of fresh produce [ boy do Canadaians like big chunks of meat to cook]
I had an egg and bacon sandwich on a Kaiser roll – yum
This Canadian Bacon came in great slabs [ like their meat] and was moist and very tasty.
The best English bacon is dry and goes crispy… usually chunky bacon is ‘wet’ so my friend a cook has described it but this was excellent…. That was where I started realizing how lucky I am to have visited homes and…..

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