Tuesday, May 15, 2007

arriving Fiji

1. flying over our island
2. view from my bure
3. inside- I could hear the waves gently lapping as I went to sleep

May 6, 2007
Flew into Fiji today.

I really was not sure what to expect, this is my first tropical island.
A bit disorientated from travel and it is so warm but now sitting on my little verandah all is well.
Looking through the garden, past the coconut palms is Savusavu Bay.
It is warm, not exactly hot and somewhat humid but the little breezes coming off the water offset that nicely.
I have managed to wander down to the waterside, the beach is edged with broken coral, the thick rainforest comes right to the road side, there are coconuts in all the palm trees, papaya and bananas growing in the forest…it is peaceful and quite except for the occasional sound of the a falling coconut…and birds singing
The water is now still and it is so peaceful. Upon arrival one of the staff said welcome to Paradise and I think they may well be right.
Need to put my feet up for a while and perhaps snooze a little…. bye

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Sarah Ann Smith said...

Oh I want to be THERE! Looks like a perfect getaway. Has been way too long since I've surfed the blogs, and the new class (!!!) sounds like it will be fun... love the glorious colors in the felt. Can't wait to see how the workshop goes and what you do,

Cheers, Sarah