Saturday, June 21, 2008

Savusavu Fiji

A whole heap of images to share of our lovely spot in Fiji,
the pace of life is relaxed , the luscious scenery and verdant plant life brings to mind comparisons with the Garden of Eden.
I am sitting on my verandah this morning, roosters crowing to wake up the day in the background some where and looking out across the bay misty dancers and moving around the mountains over ther, blue isstarting to wake up in the sky...
Yesterday after class we were driven out to the Blue Lagoon, sorry I don't remeber its real name- something sounding of the beauty of the place, anyway.
I wandered for ages looking in rockpools- what do you think of this fellow?

A few days ago we boated across the bay to visit a local lady, see some of her lovely pearl jewelery and wander in her garden,
I've brought you some flowers home!

Some of the lovely ladies who look after us- always wonderful meals and sunny smiles...

and some of my students, we have a lovely group and have worked, shared, inspired and talked together all week very happily

hard working as you can see, we have a small exhibition of our work planned today and are planning to invite all the ladies of the resort first to share our women's business.
we have plenty of party food and hope to make it special so it is a little thank you as well for Merioni sharing masi printing with us, all the friendliness and care of our visit,
Later the fellows are invited [ we have a few husbands, the special projects manager of the resort and some of the gentlemen working here] In Fiji it is the tradition that is the women are working on women's work men should not interupt unless they bring food so have been pointing it out to our fellas...lots of laughs as you can image...something women doing is that important? and interest so what are they doing? and confusion all week happy doing that? when they could be snorkelling and blking and such?
hey different things for different people!

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