Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ziz River Gorge

not far from Azrou- cedar forests...
Ziz River Gorge.
I know a young man who shares a name with this Gorge, it was recently his birthday… so hear is a little present Ziz, some pictures of your name sake, may your life be as peaceful and spectacular as here….
you reach a point along the way, you have crossed over the Middle Atlas Mountains and the Palmerie starts, these are the first date palms I saw.
the terraine is so dry, hot and rough and on the valley floor are these pockets of life, green and verdant where the dates palms grow...

and then and then, and then you haed up into the dry areas again come around a corner and stretched out in front of you the river has filled a lake in the most glorious shades of jade and teal and blue waters...breath taking.

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