Friday, November 14, 2008

Barak Obama

Another glorious sunset over the mystical mountains of Vietnam

Khanh organizing coffee as we sat in a street side cafe to draw in Long Son.
sitting and watching the street vendors, trying to catch a sketch as they busily move around...then getting noticed and having everyone have a look, offer suggestions to improve opur drawings and just generally smile and giggle was delightful.
A lady we met whilst driving through the mountains, fresh peanuts on her poles.

We found a delightful little bridge over a small river, it seemed a quiet country road, no traffic yet sitting to draw for a while we became aware of the pace of local life. That little bridge was obviously an artery to the countryside away from the road, the quiet road had a constant stream of people on foot and pushbike going by.
It confirmed the whole idea of Holiday Sketching- it is not really about the drawing [although sketching each day and having Leonie for advice certainly improves your game] it is an opportunity to BE THERE for a while and EXPERIENCE the pace of local life.
Much different to even walking along slowly and taking pics.
you also meet so many local people who stop to see what you are doing.....
wonderful experiences...our whole group keep pinching themselves are saying wow we are so lucky...this is a wonderful experience....hhhhmmmmm a sigh of satisfaction.

I just had this note from a friend in the States, it brought tears to my eyes.
They have been doing it tough and now have a window of hope....and as anything that effects one person impacts subtly on the rest of the all this impacts on us.
The Sataes like every other place in the world is mostly full of nice people, with good hearts, their own way of doing things for sure but just wanting a good life for them and their families and wishing the same on others...

HOW could i forget to relay�the�most important happy news: our new relationship with BARAC OBAMA!!!!! �We are SOOOO excited to have him moving into�office�of president, i can't tell you how happy the nation was, it has been a historic moment that will NEVER be forgotten. �An African American, a eloquent, level headed, intelligent, sensitive, well liked man- we have not had that EVER. �The people worked very hard at a grass roots level to make �this happen. � I am shocked as are lots of us that we have been so lucky! �He has a lot on his shoulders but i think if anyone can do it, he can! �We have to be patient and as he said, willing to sacrifice. �Jobs are really suffering and many people we know.

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