Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boating at the Van Long Nature Reserve

A few days ago we went boating at the Van Long Nature Reserve, I could not wait to get my bum parked and a pen in hand.
I feel I am making progress, my initial sketches were much more like a dog’s dinner.
Really they are about being there, the experience at the time. I am not after great art this is a way of connecting with the moment and the place.
Usually I stitch, or take photos and work from them in my studio and I will continue with those practices.
This is an added treat for me to connect the moment and place which I think will inform my studio work….I have this idea based on the format of Murgal miniatures and this will feed in well….hmmm most interested to see where it leads

Anyway this is my mornings scratchings...I felt rather good at the end of it- thanks Leonie for the inspiration

Foot Rowing at the Floating Village later in the day....

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