Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ha Long Bay

Having said my preference is Bai Tu Long Bay, nothing beats a night sleeping on Ha Long Bay [a house boat in Kerala would be a tie though…another story].

For some reason I find a childish delight in these type of wobbling light photos, some of the other boats where we moored for the night.
Leonie discussing our work in one of our debriefing sessions, it has been good for everyone to bring there work out [very hard the first time was obvious] but now comfortable and easy.
It is wonderful as another student to see other’s progress and hear Leonie’s suggestions you learn so much more!

Notice the view out of the window of our class room.
Even Khanh was set to work...and he had to admit it takes a little practice!

A floating village in the Bay, the first building is the local bank!

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