Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Our Pukka Place

Well we are as excited as 2 school kiddies, we now have

the keys and have started cleaning up our place...a big job, but it looks better all the time,

Today will be a major shop over the mountain in Ajmer- sheets, towels, things, things, things and our first clients are expected this evening. Wow!!

Here we are being silly, delighted with what the Gods have brought us and being able to do it all together.

The last 5 years have taught us to speak our ideas and then listen to the other one...and then sometimes we just need to keep discussing it and it will evolve into an even better idea that has input from both of us.

Our Pukka Place [Pukka in Hindi means 'sure' or 'true', the English Cook Jamie Oliver has made it famous in his cooking shows- it is English slang for pretty darn good!]

the name did take some discussion as all Indian hotels are called Palace or Resort or Villas...sounds boring to me and we are not going to be another Indian Hotel...Parveen was worried how would foreigners know this Hindi word? and what is a 'place'? still kindly he has gone with me on this one....

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