Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bac Ha markets and others

I love to look, but do feel rather shy about taking photographs of people wth out their permission- to me it is a real invasion of their privacy.
Hence you don't get many pics of where I live, even though every day it is so remarkable just going up to the market.
One way I get around this delima
is to just have the camera in my hand as I walk and click away or take pics of people I am with and the surroundings. The vista and the long shot also don't feel like such an is a selection of recent days...they do also give you a feel of the Kalidascope of experiences we have had!

This has been a fantastic tour for me, our group has cruised along very comfortably together, we have laughed and joked and teased our local guides has really refreshed me and reved up my enthusiasm for what I do.
I put a lot of effort into planning and thinking about what to include in tours and the information I want to share, which place to go, what it is I respond to in a place and think might be interesting to others etc, etc, etc and to share that, then notice people noticing the details I liked is very satisfying.
The God's or synchronicity [call it waht you like]also has a big part to play as I am always open to weaving in new experiences as they evolve.
Feels a little lonely this ladies are all heading off in different directions and I have to head off to the airport...but there is always a silver lining to the clouds, Parveen is at home waiting for me to arrive...
bit scared to get home in one way, the next month will be huge; getting ready for teaching in UK and a tour to Morocco - so much to organize- that silver lining will be the wonderful locations my office will be situated in for a while.

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