Monday, March 23, 2009

Textiles in Vietnam, another day in the office

We have been having a lovely time wandering around in Vietnam, a great group, lots of laughs and lots of stitches and lots of admiring wonderful stitched treasures.
I rang Praveen the other day to touch base...he was having a hard day in his part of our office- the water pump at the hotel has broken and is proving rather difficult to fix....sweet man he was happy to hear my day was such as buzz.

Only problems we have had is coping with overwhelm sometimes with so much wonderful stuff to admire.
Here is one of the wonderful languers at the CucPhong Endangered Primate Rescue Centre and National Park ....
the old french man is what I always think of- they are doing a remarkable job at this park rescuing endangered primates, unfortuneately Vietnam suffers from poachers who hunter these animals to sell.
This rescued ones regain their health and can be released into protected areas with the keepers waiting for the day when they can be safe in the wild.

We have stitched with ladies from another of different ethnic minorities...much fun, have learnt some new trocks and a whole lot of respect for their great skills
A view of the village we stayed with a local family and stitched, great jaquard weaving in the area as well...and finally I have a lead on a village that is accessable to see batik resist and indigo dyeing....can't wait to visit next time.

OHH the difficulty of choice

we all have one of these scarves as a momento

Cooking class started with picking our own fresh herbs and vegies from the garden before we created a delicious, stomach bursting feast....all of us had eyes bigger than our bellies trying to do justice to the spread we learnt how to cook....yummmmmmmmmmmm

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