Monday, April 06, 2009

Julie Stuart

Look what my mate has done!!
This is a painting Julie Stuart made for Praveen and I as a housewarming present, it looks even better in our hotel so I used it as imspiration for our colour scheme as will.
Julie has produced many inspirational cards and artworks over the years, this link takes you to her lateset offering. [link is at bottom of the posting- for some reason blogger won't let me arrange it anywhere else]
I so look forward to having it in my hands to look through when I am in Australia later in the year, and hear her bubbles of laughter as we chat. I love living here in Pushkar, but some days I do miss a cup of tea and laugh with my mates...the trouble with having good friends all over the place, you are not always with them , but it does really give you something to look forward to when you head off from home.
Ramsingh and I had a big morning yesterday, time to write a new newsletter for Shakti, lots of good things to report and some things difficult to frame into words. have a look.
Things here in India do work much, much differentlly to in the West, having to pay money as a sweetener to get things done is a way of life- it makes me SCREAM!! as I am sure it would many of our supporters but it is a reality of trying to do anything here, even run a charity...rocking the boat is not an option "they" will simply shut you down.
[we have been having huge winds this morning and I can actaully hear thunder and smell rain in the air not dust- excuse me while i run up to the roof to invesigate!!- back soon ohh it is gorgeous, pic later]
Anyway we have that under control, the next thing we realised we need to address is increasing parent support, many of our parents are happy their kids are at school but largely scared of the whole things as well, having no experience of school they don't get the importance of regular attendence, or the necessity of work needing to be done [it is wheat harvest time and a few bigger boys have disappeared to relative's farms for a week or two]
a few of our biggest boys could start high school next year, their grades are good enough- yet it will be a huge milestone and need a lot of talking on Ramsingh's part with families because at 12 that is when many are put into work.
we are thinking to make a special presentation to each at the end of their first day at high school- something other children will want, so want to go on...and prestige for families.
[kids are screaming outside-scared by the thunder]
We also recognise we need to get parents visiting the Centre- so they start to feel some ownship for their children's education and it is not so scary and foreign...thinking to aim for a performance [few songs and...?]celebration at Divali [Hindi Christmas] next year, a chance for them to stick their noses in and see, and the children to show off...should be a good start to keep children at school longer and parents more involved.
[RAIN is falling- filling up my living room- smells great- stopped by the time I moved furniture]

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