Friday, April 03, 2009

Since I put the cartoon on this blog the other day it has been in my mind a lot, truely most of the population of the world lives fairly simly and fairly locally, if we could all do a bit more of that, it would make a difference.

Inadvertantly I have done that- I don't want to sound like some goody-two-shoes, it is by circumstance not design.

Living in India, there are few pre-packaged foods, much that is available in the market is fairly loacaly produced, certainly from with in our country,

I live in Holy Pushkar, so am vegetarian when home [vegeatbles and milk products are all that are permissable], no red wine....

We don't have a car here, motorbike only and a bus to get over the mountain to the nearest big town- walking is mostly how we get around.

I do keep pointing out how enviromentally friendly it would be to use a camel but Praveen only laughs and says he is still looking for parking.

In the time I have been here I have lost about 15 kg- it just slipped away, and my clothes were too big, I am noticing I don't get the painful breasts with PMT and my blood sugar levels are staying on an even keel- I was seriously worried about diabetes....

These are accidental benefits I have noticed, thinking about it though, eating more vegatarian is good for health and less taxing on the enviroment, eating unprocessed foods is the same and eating locally produced, seasonal varieties got it in the goodie, goodie basket as well.

Oh and no washing machine, so I wash the clothes in buckets by hand- free exercise, running up to the 3rd floor to check the water tank- free exercise.

I still live a very busy life, far to much to do...but that is me I realise as soon as I sit still I start to daydream and end up with another project to get stuck into. And thank the Gods for the internet and mobile phones I am not a complete Luddite, just realise the kiss principle is very handy to include in your life Keep It Simple Sweety!!

The joy of being back at school....and finding so many surprises, the girls visiting had lots of ideas to share with the children- Dinesh on the stairs behind a mobile made by the littlies

Nandu is a real keen worker, his first year at school and he has mastered the Hindi and English alphabet, at a tiny 6 he is also the oldest brother in his family and so responsible for other members. His little sister tagged along [she would be lucky to be 3] and was tired, so he was trying to get her off to sleep in his lap and keep on working at the same time.
The Girls had a finger knitting project going with the big kids, finger knitting was then plaited into strips and sewn togather as a mat- looks fantastic [we re-cycled old saris to make the thread] and it was then given to Ramsingh as a surprise. Potential there for our shop.

My man gave me some beautiful roses- I thought I would share them with you...
what is that old addage? "take time to smell the roses"
I admit I have been far to busy and not doing enough of that, yet when I got home to Pushkar, the scent of roses was there to greet me, all through town. Some procession or wedding or Holy day had seen red rose petals scattered all around and the rich scent was gorgeous, and strong it could overcome the open drain.
What a metaphor!!

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Joei Rhode Island said...

Glad to hear you are thriving...nay...flourishing in India. It all sounds soooo wonderful.
Rhode Island