Thursday, June 25, 2009


In Damascus, and not able to upload images....seems to be some restrictions on internet.
So I will have to use words instead and send pics later.
Arrived at 3.30am, rather groggy to be sorted out by very friendly and chirpy guys in uniform at the airport.
Friendliness has not stopped since.
No-one hassles you when you walk in the market or in the streets....shops and restaurants everyone is very pleaseant.
I am enjoying this.
Everywhere has it's colours, here the stone used foe building is a chalky white, and often offset with a creamy coloured stone and a soft charcol, all in all a rather dignifed and elegant arrangement.
There is similarities to Morocco [still in my etyes from a few weeks ago] but so far none of the over the top exuberance from the Moorish culture.
Makes sense, this is Syria so there is the same basic Muslim design principles - symetry, gardens, water features adapted to suit this area.
I found an old Mosque built by Suliman the Mganificent in 1554, noe undergoing renovation it is a harmonious blend of the various stone and just a small amount of mosaic over doorways- very elegant.
Absolutly exhausted yesterday, so did not do much as I am waiting for Praveen arrived [hiccup at Delhi ariport due to Indian officials' inefficency so he will be a day or two late- moan, moan.]
Took a leisurely evening stroll down to the souks of the Old City- it is warm here - a dry warmth, perfect for strolling and wandering around.
Many delights to see and lots of people watching- what a wonderful passtime in itself!
I am feeling rather chuffed, I spotted a shop that looked a bit different to many and went in, the owner was there, he is a dealer in textiles= oh yes , you meet many of them....often really only wanting to line their pocket. This man is different after ferriting around in his treaure chests he spoke at length on textiles: history and today in Syria...I am calling back today for lunch and perhaps we can plan a trip up the country to visit some of the last villages who specialise in Syrian tie and dye on silk.
Like wow!!
how lucky!!
what a lucky find...and I have not started on the leads Dijanne gave me!

off to meet a man about magic carpets and sumptuos syrian textiles

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