Friday, June 12, 2009

Many More Moroccan Moaments

Our desert camp, Erg Chebbi, Sahara Desert

Location- superb, air fresh, no neighbours, no noise, all amenities comfortable and good matresses to sleep on!
Pigeons du Sable are wonderful to visit.
markets are serious business

people watching in the medina over refreshing mint tea...
Calligraphy class

Ait ben Haddou, site of many a film set and our stars...

carpets- Morocco is the home of the magical carpet I am sure.
Berber is a very ancient language and used by a large percentage of the population, it is well suited to everyday rural life but has to be rather creative when describing things in the modern world.
on Berber bews programme a friend gave us these literal translations of some phrses they were useing.
A helcopter translates to "God' flying carpet"
the Shuutle as in space shuttle roughly translaters to "God's camel" - aren't they wonderful?
think of our tallest buildings- they are "sky scrapers" as a child I always wondered if there were sound effects would it be like chalk scraping on the blackboard?

carpets, carpets, carpets everywhere.

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