Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tantalising Textiles for Africa

Lucky enough to visit Magie and Bob of African Fabric Shop .
Peaking around their house is like walking through an Ode to Western Africa, not only a wonderful range of textiles etc, also people passionate about the place with an extensive knowledge of music and great library of refernece books and collection of photographs.

View on the walk into the local village from their place, cloudy but mild waether.

recylcing made gorgeous, Magie and Bob knows who makes their fabrics, how it is done and in most instances exactly where they live, I enjoyed being able to swap notes on why we support Fair Trade and the discernable differences it makes in the lives of the people we interact with.
and the decisions you make along the India I try and buy Indian made, ideally I would like organic as well but prices become I go for as locally sourced as I can....Magie had similar comments.

Mud cloth hmmm

Magie and Bob could talk about the 'pedigree' of each cloth
new, discharge cloths- so bold and dramatic
Beads, at their house you string beads in spare moments, good I thouught as all the lovely colours called to be touched.

A locally orchestrated project- women recycling plastic into these wonderful beads- looks good as a decorator item I thought.

Indigo and mud cloth- all hand loomed

strip weaving assembled into a pillow cover

Some of the luscious work produced by some of my students, I have been up and down the country working and blessed with some great groups.

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