Thursday, October 08, 2009

Finally started the stitching project

I have been here a year and had arrived wanting to create some work in the local community.
I hadinitially tried to work with some of the gypsy families- they live in humpies on the side of town a few earn money playing music for weddings most accost tourists and ask for money or try and shake them down for it.
I had started with some designs for bead work thinking it would at least give them a regular bit of income to add to their other activities- but soeon found I could not do it- those that came to me house wanted to fifle through my stuff, others up the street screamed abuse as I had not asked them and through out no one actually wanted to work.
Being at Shakti so often I could see which kids actually worked and which families appreciated the opportunity they were getting.
It is the local friut stall holders and iron workers- they are hard working just so poor.....
I asked a few of the Mums and bigger sisters if they would like to stitch for me.
I have been practicing Hindi with my teacher to meet the occasion, Praveen was there to translate [he was impressed with how I went talking- getting somewhere there]
5 nervous ladies arrived-
school gies us so much- measurement for example, a knowledge of colour names, some experience with crafts like stitching...being used to learning something new. These ladies work with metal, their husband does and so do all their community- that is their cast, other skills are out of their field, they have busy, busy lives and hobbies is not something they can afford the time or money for...
anyway we got started, I have shown them how to go about it and they have taken the first piece home to work on it...I wait to see what happens.
One girl Sunita I saw yesterday and from a rough start she seems to be progressing well.
This is a first sample- using secong hand sari silk and stitch. This is Rajasthani style- in the East Kantha is well know- it usually uses a smaller stitch and thinner thread, this larger format is waht I am capable of producing as a sample and locally tradiional
and look I made a traditional cloth button- I was rather pleased with myself, if I had been in Australia I would have messed around, and then got my best mate Dawn to show me what to do, but here I had to cope alone...really they are easy once you get over fiddling!
We could also use handloom khadhi cotton and silk for a lovely netral range of pieces as well,
and use these panels to make bags, drinks coasters and a wonderful throw rug.
It would be lovely rich Byzantine colured silk offset by the black.... endless possibilities AND we have started.

My little house geckos are getting nice fat tails to last them through their winters sleep- they are in the kitchen all the time eating up the bugs- cute fellows.

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