Saturday, November 14, 2009

a Delhi rush and then Pushkar and home

Tour finished and one busy, busy day rushing around Delhi buying things for people I supply in other places, and checking out what is available in Sadar Bazaar- Delhi's famous wholesale market. In India people seem to belive nearly anything can be found there- the wealth of possibilities is certainly vast in that great seething rabbit warren of a place.

Just getting there can be difficult as mortorized tuk tuks won't go there, the traffic is so bad. Your only option is a cycle rickshaw and even they will only go to the edge, it is then either by foot or find a richshaw wallah local to the market.
I was most interested in buckles and studs at this time and found a guy who could supplyu me with the tackle to make rip off copies of well known brands if I so desired- amazing!!
Then out of the frying pan and into the fire hitting the back streets and alleys of Chandi Chowk for sparkles and is so exciting to wander these places semi-lost working out how they all connect.
When I first started coming to Delhi I found the crowds, congestion and vastness of it all overwhelming and must admit it took a few visits to the edges before I truely dived in...I still think it is not for the faint hearted in some ways and would only take certain people with me...a whole tour group perhaps but I would be nervous of wanderers getting a huge maze it could take days to get out.
But oh is it exhilarating to explore all alone and wandering...Indian Jones of the textile world...lots of time for daydreaming too, obviously!

Then an early train to Ajmer to make the drive over the mountain to Pushkar, some of these pics explain what I like about India- the unexpctedness of it all.

he was just digging out dirt and dropping it down onto the road...the same raod we were driving along...thankfully we weren't there when some rather large stones rained down as well!
Can you see how misty it is today- it felt more like England than India with clouds sitting on the mountain ...

Ahh yes home!

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