Sunday, November 01, 2009

Pushkar to Jodhpur

Well I hope you look at these pictures and think- hmm better pictures, not only have I a clean lense but Praveen and I have splashed out and bought a much better camera.
Surprising how little the cost is, to be light years ahead in the abilities of the camera and it is small enough we don't need a trailer to get the gear around.
It is a Fuji finepix s 2000 and we would whole heartedly recommend it to anyone- it is so good to use
- light weight, good zoom, automatic or manuel...I know I sound like an ad but it was a big step for us, we had to get advise from a friend to choose and are so pleased with the result.
Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur again!
yes I truely do enjoy coming back to these places time and again
being on tour we get to visit many old friends of the living and architectural kinds, because we decide on the itinerary if we loose interest in a place we have the option of changing the route- not bad to keep the enthusiasm high...

Many pics from around the fort, this is one of the formal rooms that has been restotred -you can see from the pillars the outside all plain and the inside of the room carrying 20 kg of gold leaf and 11 years worth of detailed painting to do the walls- not a bad little pad to impress visitors from??
2 of my gorgoreous girls that I am travelling with- tres chic!!
My best mate Dawn has started selling some of her rusat dyed fabrics and other assorted goodies on etsy, have a look at her shop.
I am too chicken to rust dye things- I would put me hand in the wrong vat and she has kindly made me many lovely bits over the years...
I am so pleased- I love her stuff and all her procedds are going to tickets to hang out with me in India - a very exciting prospect.

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