Monday, November 23, 2009

Thank you for the comment about my work Joie...what amI doing?

I have been in India full time for over a year now [well yes I am still on the road a lot, but it is where I come home to] I love living here it really feels like HOME. Of course Praveen with his arms open waiting for has a lot to do with that as well.

I think a lot of my energy that would normally go into creating work has gone into creating a new life...and then we have a Stitching project underway to help make work for some of the local ladies which is taking a lot of energy to get off the ground...just looking at this photo it about sums it up, there are some stitched pieces in front of the Goddess/Madonna pieces I was working on a few months ago, they are still on the wall looking at me, but somehow thinking or actually feeling them through has satisfied me for the moment, I have some lovely silk khadhi, handloom 'banners' for them to be attached to already made up...and will get to finishing them one day soon.
I have work promised for a new exhibition 'Southlands' Dijanne Cevaal is curating to travel around Europe next year....I love the way she brings things together and wish i could travel in the suitcase with her shows, they go to all the best places.
This blurry photo is a corner of 1 piece, the exhibition relates to Australia and it is funny to be looking back in. Here in india there is a lot of comment on the Copenhagen Enviromental Summit coming up...what they are propsing as changes to the Kyoto Agreement is appaulling- it is designed to keep the Westusing all the resouces and making all the mess, and leaving the developing world stuck without.
In most of the world people have so little, so very little and what is one fifth of the world have so much?
In India development means perhaps being able to have an [ONE] electric light, water close to the home or perhaps even in the home, not a second, third or fourth car, air conditioing in a home for a single family where in the developing world 6 or even 10 families would think they have a luxury of space.....
Anyway that is my soap box for the day....Live simply, that others may simply live my mantra.
I am working on pieces relating to Australia...Black and white and some colour is where my feelings are taking me...., I have been painting organza...and when starting to stitch these old works keep coming to mind, especially these ones with lots of little spots of energy connected up across the surface.
It pictures for me how I feel about things- we are all connected up, no one is isloated, the problems of the world effective everyone...evryone needs to make equal effort to address them.
For the last few years I have been collecting pictures of grafitit for my son who is a painter, and I must say it is impacting on my imagination...especially writing that has been weathered...and now is a time oyu could say the writing is on the wall........

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