Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Delhi, NZ, Oz and then Ghana here we come!!

Just running out the door, getting a million things sorted and left here and there for projects to continue while we are away.
This is my studio and the pic encapsulates ourlife at the moment....some studio work being finished off, my latest series "The Writing is on the Wall".
I have been taking pictures of Grafitti from all over the world for one of my sons [it is so fascinating once you start looking, some of it is over 1000 years old and is in Berber carved into a 2000 year old Roman temple wall- technically still grafiti]
Anyway it, along with the class I am about to teach Text and Texture in NZ, grafiti and writing seems to be large in my mind...these works were made mostly during the fiasco of a conference in Copenhagen...really I felt like I was sceaming- think, do something, change!!!!....anyway my personal beliefs...
Under that is things for posting the etsy stuff I sell; another great milestone, Kunal our assistant will be looking after that while we are away....I have heard of delegation for years, but always done things myself [touch of a control freak?- don't ask my kids]...now we are starting to get some people around us who are really helpful- boy is it good!...can't wait to be able to hand more office work over!
Behind the etsy is our small, small pile of boxes of No 8 Anchor thread we use for The Stitching
Project, in another room is a big pile of sorted and paired up saris to be transformed while we are away....so proud to see that pile of thread, somehow it encapsulates the headway we are making

Life is so busy but full of small triumps for us these last few weeks...and here is another one, parsley. India has the most amazing array of fresh foo; one thing that is not common at all is salad herbs of the green and leafy variety, possibly because the monkeys like them so much...plan B has been to grow them in pots in protected locations and last night's dinner had our first proper Australia salad- yum

More of our friends, some of my oldest friends were visiting us from Sweden- for the pleasure of being with us and being in India and to plot and plan. They are fabulous caterers - Groovy Food in Gotenberg, and we are plotting and planning they will bring some clients with them next time to share what we always do together- COOK!! They have the most wonderful Kitchen in Sweden...we hope to have something to rival it by the time they next visit.
We are just negotiating on a block of land with fruit trees and old farm buildings on it...looking very promising - will definitely be the home of Our Pukka Studio and Cooking Classes...say a little hpeful prayer for us.
Our friend Panalal helped Rory order this wonderful Nehru suit- doesn't he look dapper?
bye for now we are off on new adventures!

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Jo said...

all my wishes and hopes for your land purchase!
Sounds like an awesome thing to have and I will add it to my wish list of things to visit one day!