Friday, February 26, 2010

Ghana- Ewe Kente Weaving

I am a bit buggered! Australian expression for rather tired.
We have been on the go like crazy lately and add to that the excitement of getting Our Pukka has been hard to sleep of a night...I was trying really hard to be asleep last night and then kept realising I was really half awake planning orchards and room lay outs and wondering how to make a copmposting toilet etc, etc, etc... Decided to call it a day and brouse through our Ghana photos....spend a few minutes savouring our experinces ...I finally got our bags unpacked yesterday and had a fiddle with some on the treasures we bought...can't wait for next trip I already have a shopping list this time!
Pictures are a bit jumbled up...and I hope I remeber all the details, we visited a master weaver Bob Dennis just outside Accra and looked through his workshop...lovely, enthusiastic young man who seemed an optimistic example of a vibrant crafts maovement. Working from a strong training in the traditions of his craft.... and building a sound business to support himself and his family into the future.This is my favourite picture, there Magie and I are poking through things , quizzing Bob on details, and feeling a bit like movie stars, Can you see the top of Bob Irwin's [ Magie's husband]head in the bottom of the photograph?
He and Praveen are the camera guys, Magie and I are the team members of our respective teams who ask questions, stick our noses into things...
Praveen in the open air workshop- you really appreciate every puff of breezeThe warp is enourmously long

Master weaver Bob, his task is to assmble pieces and check the quality of each and every piiece.
This picee on the floor is special...each individual weaving has a bit left over...all the weavers of a group donate them to make up a cloth that has a little of every one's work in it...and take it in turns for a memeber of the communnity to receive it.
That is the bundle of the warp threads- huge!
This cloth is special..all the symbols indicate parts of a story or thoughts of the eavand or order-er...[I think. actually a bit hazy on that detail]

Look back to the picture of Bob assembling the pieces...this is the book on the end of his bench....and a large reason I think the craft movement is so vibrant in Ghana- title '101 ways to improve your business'.
Real thought is going into creating their futures.

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