Friday, March 12, 2010

Khadi Cloth and Pukka Desirables research....

We had a very satisfying day yesterday...leaving very early we headed up to Jaipur...we had an introduction through a friend of a friend ..of a friend to the regional sales magager of the government Khadi shops.
I love khadi cloth, the things I have made for myself are spo comfortable to wear....sssssssssssssoooooooo comfortable.
All my clients and anyone with even a little interest in textiles or clothes gets dragged by me up to our local guy.
Of course I want to use it in some of the designs we are producing but, but, but, our local guy is charming but is often not open, he only has what he has in stock and he never knows what he will have next time.... so being introduced to Raman was wonderful.
and the choice was even better than I imagined...we have much more than I really need for immediate samples- but I could not help myself! My story to myself is I will soon have a few things for Pukka Desireables out of them, or else I will just grope them for a while while I think- lets be truthful.

I was also very impressed with operations, many of the shops can look a little dusty and simple- pure like brown rice for the health concious type thing...the whole organization has been going through a revitalization lately...some of the shops in Jaipur are starting to look really flash, going to their godown or warehouse and stitching unit, really impressed me- conditions are excellent, these photos don't really do it justice- they were very light and airy which does not show up so well, very clean and modern so I feel really happy to support their work with my ruppees these would easily come under the idea of Fairtrade.

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