Monday, May 31, 2010

Home sweet home

I am loving this experience of building- we don't actually have to do anything just organize the workers...whicg Praveen is brilliant at.
I built a home in Australia but had to do so much of the work by my own fair hands, after a lot od haggling with council we do as we like.....
take a walk around with me, pics a bit jumbled but map should help put them together.
This is the kitchen - benches will go on left, on right will be a counter that opens into dining room

studio courtyard looking at studio behind rocks, then bedroom and last door is guest bathrrom
studio courtyard
studio courtyard

view of studio courtyard from main road
view out across main road

back door to kitchen, eventually we will make a laundrey room / storeroom here to but up against the water tank on the right
studio side bedroom...we can have artists-in-residence here. Interested?View of roof from studio side walking to main house side...


Lisa Walton said...

Love the progress on your new home. Such a different experience from anything I am familar with. Your life has really taken on a different direction hasn't it?

Sue Dennis said...

Fiona it is nice to reconnect with you after a few years via your blog. You are having wonderful adventures & an amazing time. I'd love to be an artist-in-residence when you've finished building.