Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Our Pukka Place

All is progressing nicely with our house, the walls are up in the kitchen, I can see where windows are going to fit, we bought steel girders to reinforce the roof- it will be slabs of stone and they usually only span 9 foot gaps and I want 12 and a half so it caused a lot of consternation....any way that was sorted yesterday, then the builder had the bright idea he would need to close half the sitting room window space to put the girder in....Praveen was arguing his case until I pointed out if they make my window poky - it is just makes life a bit easier for the builder now rather than realising he could add an extra girder and have one either side of the window
or Praveen would have a lifetime of me noticing how poky the window was....
there was almost a click and then silence as that sunk in ...and he then said "Ah yes I can see your point, I will sort out the builder"  I love that man, he really gets it when he needs to.
this is so exciting to be sharing with him.
Water tank be built, also by hand, after hand digging that hole...got to give it to them these guys can work...it is at least 40'C and more most days and they keep plugging on.

And a batch of lovely new colourways in silk fat quarters to go up on Etsy...good day yesterday and one big lesson...spent hours sorting out colours for the fat quarters, getting others ready for chenille kits [stay tuned to Pukka Compnents for those] and realising how much work was stretching out in front of me to cut and pack all of these- right when I have ideas to try out for the next thing...when THE LIGHT TURNED ON!!!
not just the electricity coming back but DELEGATE!!!!!
I could give the repetitve stuff to some one else.
It is a day or 2 or 3s work for them and gives me time to do something more interesting.
this is a big WOW for me and so exciting.
Doing something repetitive like packing starts to drive me crazy with frustation- all that time to daydream generates far more ideas then I can put into action.

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