Saturday, May 01, 2010

Pukka Components by the Stitching Project

Our friends from Beautiful Silks have helped us premier our Pukka Compnents made by The Stitching Project at the Australasian Quilt Convention in Melbourne this week...I have been a little nervous wondering how they would go...we have spent a lot of time, effort and money getting this project started and I know a lot of locals have great hopes of it, just like we do and now I need to sell things!!

This is a part of myself I really have to work hard at inventing as really I would much rather be the reclusive artist than the marketing manager....
oh well is full of challenges!!!

We are looking for shops who would like to sell them [could even offer a reward for contacts and leads! of some of our squares!!] please send me any suggestions you might have.

I am aslo working at getting them on our website and in etsy and perhaps ebay...time, time, time and with all our summer blackouts here hard to egt enough hours with electricity to do it some days!

Still importantly, the good news is they have proved very popular- Thank you Marion and the Elephant of Beautiful Silks- we are onto something

I felt like a bit of a Midas yesterday as I was sorting out all the squares...they are so beutiful and the quilts you could make from each combination would be so lovely not to mention the effects you could get mixing and matching squares....I want to have a stack!
Really hard to justify here though as it is so warm you rarely need any type of bedcover and certainly not 50 or 60!!
One reason I was feeling a little weird about those thoughts is that I generally do not horde things...I have no stash to speak of and often brag of that to others [hope I don't sound too pompous!] and here I am wanting to have more, more, more! I am being a bit of a fraud on the stash front...keeping a secret from myself of being a secret horder??
or is it just the allure of their beauty turning my head...still obsessing I really enjoy the mark of the stitch- each sewer has a unique mark with the needle and I find it endearing the feeling of personality it engenders when I examine the pieces.....possibily this hot weather has cooked my brain!!

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