Monday, June 14, 2010

I am in a bit of a quandry...working on the Moroccan tour...I really like starting in Spain and seeing the Moorish architecture of Ganada and Cordoba and then crossing the Straights of Gilbralter by boat[Themythical Pillars of Hercules must have straddled here once]then on and on to riding camels in the Sahara....Moro...cco is so much a connection between Europe, Africa and the Arab worl and I think the course of this journey makes these connections obvious. Having 5 days in Spain though adds considerably to the cost[ at leats $1000]...does it become a factor in the decision to join the trip?

Morocco as a stand alone detination s also wonderful, don't get me wrong...but if you check out the reading list for getting in the mood and add Granada and Cordoba in the whole of its history lights up. What to do?

Comments greatly appreciated
Tarifa Spain, with Morocco in the distance- it is such an experience to see Africa in the distance and then slowly creep up on here across the straights- a real journey

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