Saturday, June 05, 2010

Our Pukka Hotel-S-, Our Pukka Place

No typo, we now have 2 hotels to operate.
Our Pukka Place is small and so Tourist Agents from Delhi are nervous to book with us as there might not be space....for some time Praveen has said we need more rooms.
Whilst I could see what he meant...we were having such trouble with staff I was very nervous thinking that's how it always is.
Well the cook who used to drink sometimes and only worked when you looked at him- stole a phone from a client, so he got a big kick up the bum!
And Kunal who had been Praveen's assistant for many years was caught red handed stealing from us. I felt so sorry for Praveen he has treated him like a younger brother, looked after him in so many ways and we have had so many auguments. I kept saying he was lazy...I could never catch anything else as he was very good at messing up the books and covering his tracks but in my gut I was suspicious....long story ...he was caught out and he is gone.
And having shed all that flotsum and jetsum it seems to be clear sailing ahead.
We have 2 new managers to work for us, both professional, both able to keep clear records as I ask, both getting their respective hotels into shape and looking after their staff. After many, many months of looking for more reliable staff we have had a surge of people to choose from as well, and so are trialing people and building up a good team.
The feeling of this is wonderful.
All things seem possible when you have the right people on your side. When you are working with people with the same agenda as you- lesson trust your gut feelings and act. This has been a big one for me and harder for Praveen but as a team we see we have moved forward in our lessons in running hotels.

The owner is good, doing what he has said he will [our other hotel the owner is a constant headache]
We have been asking ourselves for a while what we need to do in the hotel direction- as always if you ask a question you need to LISTEN and ACT- the Universe always supplies as an answer.
So staff were removed and then a space was created for the right people to come.....I was anxious to act on the second hotel...and am checking out our new staff very carefully but feel in my gut we have some winners.

Still cleaning things and putting them in order- I have never seen such a dirty kitchen before but it is starting to shape up- we will style it as a bit funky and fresh, some of Zac's graftiti inspired colourful paintings can go up on the walls...lots of potted palms for green....

A birds's nest caused the chandelier in reception fall down, when the staff saw there were eggs in the nest that was of more concern so they have been carefully rehoused in the storeroom, wheich is left open for their access. Oh India!!
The view out through my kitchen window- that is the home or garden courtyard beyond....
I so love to be in our new home....Praveen was asking why I am always heading out there when he could do that job alone [work seems to be much faster if you pop in regularly- if you are held up and can't get there piles of ciggarette buts in shady spots get bigger???? hmmm??]
The Pukka Studio has doors!! yippee- it is a lovely big space and the Studio Courtyrad behind me has great shade- it is going to be THE place to hang out in warmer weather. Bliss......


Janette said...

So exciting Fiona! You sure don't do things by halves do you? I can imagine all the problems, the juggling- and the joys! Only in India! Best wishes for the project- maybe sometime in the future I can come and see the fruits of your labours. Where is the new Hotel?

robinfauna said...

Fiona, my friend, you have such spirit and determination. I admire you endlessly and send you all the best wishes for smooth sailing after your challenges with staff and all.
I will follow you and Praveen on your blog with great interest.
Your pukka panels are going with me to Silver Bay today for another felting retreat with Polly and Sachiko tutoring.
Thinking of you! Love, Robin