Friday, July 23, 2010

A serious shower of rain-yippee

On the road just outside our village heading to our place, less than a kilometre up the road...notice puddles on the road- we had a very good shower....instantly things looked greener and start to grow
Blurry but green and puddled...

The Garden Courtyard was a swimming pool- I am sure if I sat on the step for half and hour I could see the weeds grow....madly planting whilst conditions are good....soil here is sandy but does seem to hold onto the moisture....we had a long drop hole dug out for the toilet 25 feet straight down and the guy was still in the top soil- amazing.
2 men, one bucket on a rope and a small spade and in one day they had burrowed 25 feet straight down into the ground.
Our back paddock, we had a tractor in to turn it over and will plant mung beans, they are good for the soil and we will have enough for the next year for us, Panalal's family, alllllll our Delhi family and some for someone who needs some. It is important here to use what the God's give you to produce food, many need it
Our season is starting to look hopeful...more rain still needed so keep praying- we are :)

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Bia, from Brazil said...

Nice. My father must have had an indian inspiration. He was a physician in a small town and in his job he knew there were many in need. He kept a large area planted with manioc for those who might need. Unfortunatelly this is not a habit in my country. I was very proud of his initiative.