Tuesday, August 31, 2010

House, house, when will you be ready....

just running out the door, to check on work at the house- yes it is 8.00am.
due to no electricity in the daytime this week [every second week we are out for 6 hours per day] and then a brown out in the eveneing- enough for house things but not enough for an industrial sander a lot of the floor polishing has had to happen in the night.

got to go see they should have finished.
then tomorrow we can seriously think of moving in!!
Praveen is a little nervous and very pleased as well. this is a big step for him moving right out in the countryside....he has never moved house before- his stuff just drifted down here from Delhi....he thought it would take days!
Like you have to be kidding!!
after starting life and going to 13 primary schools and shifting a number of times as a single mother with 3 boys [I have to admit I had a helping Angels in those days named Laurence and Dawn] I am an expert- we will be there by lunch time when I get the green light!!

I am off- will be bragging with photos later of finished floors I hope....
Praveen's other worry is a chicken house- he is getting one built for me...as he knows it was a garden and chickens I missed from my house in Australia. It was to be a surprise I think but he has mentioned it to everyone and being India- gossips flies so every one has mentioned it to me!

hopefully!! I have very good news to report :)

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