Thursday, August 12, 2010

House update -2000 and 3 it must be....

It feels like a lot of house obsession- my excuse?
I am so excited by it and I want to share it with my friends...the good news is, if you are bored you can ignore it and I am none the wiser...still just indulging in my excietment.
There are some advantages of this cyber you remeber the old days of slide night at someone's place, trying to stay awake and enjoy their memories when really a few zzzzedss would  be good?

We had a few ladies in to turn over the soil and remove weeds for our Mung Beans crop, last night we finally got another good shower of rain so they should be a success. We had lovely rain over a week ago and nothing more- jusy hot humid weather so we were starting to worry the Monsoon promises were encased in empty clouds....thanks be to all, it has changed.
Seem to work in a similar fashion to roadside crews in Australia- one actally works, the others hang around chat and think about it....still they got the field done.
We shared morning tea at our hosue with our friends Kanchen and Panalal- such a pleasure, they are great people, and were so kind to me when Praveen was in hospital. We work happily together with various stitching things and have a lovely time hanging out- really looking forward to cooking them dinner as our first official guests when we move in!
August is a special time in India- the height of the monsoon, the festival of Teeg or Sawan is celebrated and ladies especially are focused on as the symbol of fertility and embodiemnet of the Goddess in the family, and so seen as the path of prosperity into a home.
Kanchen is in a new green sari with a leharia pattern [traditional Rajasthani tie and dye pattern of wavy lines- to me it could be seen as the ripples of water- which we hope the monsoon will bring]
Ladies should relax at this time of year, there are many days when they should do no work...any trees should have a swing so they can enjoy its use
Good to find Panalal doing the right thing in our garden, swinging his wife whilst she was relaxing....lovely.
and morning tea and chocolate cake in our kitchen.
Plumber has been we now have taps and water....yet another step closer to finishing...only another week is the estimate....hopefully :)
Guest bathroom ready- hint, hint
Kitchen needs a cleaning but also functional....
Still madly packing and organizing for Australia- I got out my mud cloth yesterday and it brought back such good memeories of being in Ghana and purchasing it...I have lusted over mud cloth for years....something about its raw strength of design and to feel it and find it soft and lovely as well was the bees knees!
The top piece is for is a recycled piece- I can see the earthy coloured pattern on the back of what is was, if you really beat these clothes in water they will fade out....and on the front is the crisp new black and white design- a double wammy.
I bought a whole heap of shawl size pieces, any luck when I am in Australia it will be cold enogh for me to wear one- I think it would make a great neck peice with a big pin in it to hold it....never be cold enough here at home
Look at those lovely re-cycled glass beads...can still almost see the fire they were melted in....
and then there are the earth coloured ones- so hard to decide what I like best...think I need to put one of these aside for myself as welll
Note to self- the rational behind buying these pieces was to re-sell them!!!- Don't forget that
......hmmm, might need to build an extension  to the house so I have more wall space, I do have a lot to hang in our new home...

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