Sunday, September 05, 2010

Home sweet home- our Place

I am so happy- this is the type of home I have always dreamed of....flat in and out- no amongst the garden, quite spots for sitting  [the studio courtyard is peaceful even when a crew of 4 marble cutters are making a huge racket!]....massive stone walls and simple open spaces- beautiful light inside.....
and Praveen and I did it together. That is the best bit....settling in, unpacking...still keeping up with all our other is lovely.
Do sleep well of a night...though, bit exhausted, but this place calls you to sit and relax for 5 minutes; there are so many good spots.
Praveen is not a country boy, so first night he was a little anxious locking up....insects drove him crazy...but settling in rather quickly- like every Australian is quickly developing "a close the screen door" attitude. Here there are almost no insects in the dry time but because we have had rain the place is seething with them.

The first thing you cook on a new stove is sweets for the Gods- in thanks for the sweetness of life. Our pleasure...poor man- caught him mid -mouthful.

Packing blockprint for PC for sending work has come out very well.

When I go into my office I feel like the bag lady [oh I have such a good collection of good see through storage boxes in OZ- need to organize sending some house stuff now we have a house! So here I use zip up bags- mostly effective but when all jumbled up hard to see what is what!
The clean up crew! I love camles-they are the most amazing creatures....this guy made a terrible groaning noise when he had to reverse!
Need more furniture...but it can wait for the moment.
sunlight on the floor is lovely....


Arlenesfelt said...

Fiona, I can feel your excitement. I've moved a lot over my years and have always loved the first bit of time when the surroundings are new and the excitement over a lovely unexplored space is high. All the best to you.

Jacky said...

How exciting for you to be in your new looks lovely and I love that sunlight on the floor too.


Jacky xox

Sue Dennis said...

Great to hear you are settling in & making a cosy nest. Best wishes.